Enjoying the moment

Enjoying the moments on Second Life, in a boat or at the beautiful locations around this world is what keeps us returning, either to SL or to our favorite places. To be able to relax in beautiful surrounding with our friends and enjoy some relaxing is something we should all take the time to indulge... Continue Reading →

Choosing your boat in Second Life

Looking into which boat is "best" in second life can be a daunting task, everyone has an opinion and we all know about those. Knowing what I feel is important in enjoying my boats isn't the same as what you may enjoy in your boats. So I did some research about what is best to... Continue Reading →

Familiar ports – Havna sailing region

Today, I sailed East on the Blake sea, to a unique area, maybe it's because I've been here before or maybe for some other reason. Anyway its like Scandinavia, I've noticed that there seems to be quite a number of "vikings" on the Linden Seas, either through heritage or desire. Whatever the reason, they certainly... Continue Reading →

Someday Sailing is Today

Second Life sailing often takes me off the "beaten path", just North of the Blake Sea passage is a quaint and artsy port. This is one of the first places that inspired me to become a "blogger", quaint places that are mostly hidden treasures for the SL Sailing community. I wanted to share the different... Continue Reading →

Attractions !

In an earlier post, I talked a bit about how LL supports the sailing community through keeping designated areas and waterways open for all residents to enjoy.  They also have many areas as tourist attractions for everyone to visit (some of these are really cool). One "really cool" place I like to show friends who... Continue Reading →

Nautical Smile!

As many of you may already know SL can be a place for many types of adventures. Having been in SL for 8 years now, you would think it would be difficult to experience something different.  I am happy to say, there are still lots of experiences for to be found, look below the surface... Continue Reading →


A little relaxing morning sail and look around at a beachy cove. Once again heading West towards the Nautilus area, there seems to be lots of hidden places around there. The Blake Sea always has lots of photo opportunities either being in a tropical area or a more traditional seaside area (I'm sure the photo experts... Continue Reading →

Some of the other fun things I do is to give back to others!  Participating with lots of great people to help those in need has been a rewarding journey. Sometimes its good to try something different in sl and the giving hearts of the people involved shine through!  

Blake Sea/LL “Community”ties

In 2008, the United Sailing Sims and Linden Labs agreed to an offical Community Partnership, supporting a unique area within SL who's primary purpose was to promote the sailing community within SL. This partnership led to its own guidelines on activities within the Blake Sea area. These guidelines are to promote that "All Residents are... Continue Reading →

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Havna Estate Marina

Come visit the Havna Estate Marina, you will not be disappointed! It is a beautiful typical Scandinavian harbor and archipelago estate. With the red log houses with white corners and sound of the waves and seagulls in the air, a typical Swedish summer.

A Gentleman's Game

Manners a must. Good looks; ok great. Humor; Hell yeah.

Holly Kai Park

The premier park on Blake Sea, Second Life