A little relaxing morning sail and look around at a beachy cove. Once again heading West towards the Nautilus area, there seems to be lots of hidden places around there.

sailing-march-4_002The Blake Sea always has lots of photo opportunities either being in a tropical area or a more traditional seaside area (I’m sure the photo experts will agree). I keep trying to find out the best wind light settings for whichever direction we’re heading, but in the meantime its just fun trying to get a decent shot of the scenery.

PS: I am definitely not a photo expert, so if anyone wants give me some tips on that, you’re more than welcome.

Heading West on the Blake Sea, always has lots of interesting things happening if you look around, there are always others out sailing, boating, flying and deep-sea diving 🙂 (those who are under the water for one reason or another). If you sail close enough to the shores or put your draw distance up you get to see the sites and all of the cozy places that people have made to enjoy their little piece of SL, so many talented and expressive people.

This little cove has sort of a hidden entrance, but once you “round the bend” the cove opens up with a welcoming docking area that even I could manoeuvre into and sparse tiki huts adding a “lived in” look. I was happy to find out that the boat was safe in dock (not returned).


The area proudly displays a water-slide, a secluded beach with the “typical” waterfalls and beach furniture. You can even borrow a small sea-plane for the fun of it ! (Sorry for crashing into that tiki roof, but it seemed a soft place to land :)). Jetski’s and a small motorboat is available for you to hop in and drive. If you get here by tp, its a nice place to try out your flying/boating skills.


It is an adult area with dancing areas, secluded spots. For a quick romp there is plenty to do.

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