Nautical Smile!

As many of you may already know SL can be a place for many types of adventures. Having been in SL for 8 years now, you would think it would be difficult to experience something different.  I am happy to say, there are still lots of experiences for to be found, look below the surface of the beautiful settings in SL, to see the people behind them and you will see new things.

Changing things in SL  gives a sense of adventure and keeps things fresh in SL, seeing new places in this amazing SL world, places people have put a lot of time and love into to show as their interpretation of beauty, serenity, sharing all of those things and more. One of the places I have recently discovered is Holly Kai estates.

Holly Kai 2

The modern areas combined with the classical romantic areas of the estate, leave you wanting to visit Holly Kai often. The pavilion area with the Blake Sea backdrop make for a wonderful party setting with all the fun bits. The wooded paths, flower fields and streams which lead to a hidden night club, an artists display area in a park setting and lots of interesting exhibitions. Holly Kai is definitely worth the visit: Holly Kai

Holly Kai - Thera D_004

The owners (Inara and Caitlyn) have been charming and wonderfully supportive of helping out others, both in the realm of artists and in charity events. It’s an uplifting experience to meet so many good hearted people who give some of their talents and time to help others.

As part of the SL Sailing community Holly Kai, welcomes seafarers to come over and visit, with easy docking and 2 hour mooring, a boat rezz area and plenty to explore. Just north on the main Blake Sea passage, its an easy find for even novice navigators (or people who generally don’t have a sense of direction :)).

Rossini Events recently held one of our charity events here for Feed A Smile, the atmosphere was wonderful and the event successfully raised approx 65K in Linden dollars for hungry children. The event brought lots of different people together, sailors and non-sailors enjoying the entertainment and change of pace from the usual SL club scene.

More information here: Rossini Events website or to join the Rossini Events group copy and paste this into your SL chat window, then click the link.  The group is completely free to join.


Holly Kai 1

Plenty to do here!

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