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In an earlier post, I talked a bit about how LL supports the sailing community through keeping designated areas and waterways open for all residents to enjoy.  They also have many areas as tourist attractions for everyone to visit (some of these are really cool). One “really cool” place I like to show friends who dare to come aboard while I am sailing is called the Leviathan Skeleton. This is also a popular place to relax and watch the planes, helicopters etc. fly through, and it seems to be an “initiation” dare to lots of our flying friends.

I have often talked about sailing down the Blake Sea, but honestly its great to take the scenic route at times, go off the beaten path and do some site”sea”-ing ! In the nooks and curves of the areas on either side there is plenty to see from traditional sailing communities, Scandinavian areas, modern areas, carnival areas, pirate areas and lots more. Don’t be in a rush to get to your destination, the journey is half the adventure.



The LL Leviathan skeleton is North West of the main Blake sea in an area called Dire Straight, the sailing is a bit tricky to get into here not because of the channel but due to the buildings surrounding it, some of the passages are tight and tricky. There are a couple of crossings which are really challenging to not run into “stuff” (of course, only if you are not a sailing expert). It would be great if more of the people in that area would realize its a passage for leisure boating (hint hint).

Once through the tricky part, its great sailing and an anticipation in view when you first catch the skeleton in the corner of your eye:

Skeleton 1_001

This Linden island, has lots of surprises both above the water and under for exploration, they have a dock with a loan-a-boat rezzer and places to relax and enjoy the view of boats passing by or planes doing dare devil tricks.

Skeleton 4_001

Yes, that’s a pic of your daring ME, risking it all in the heli for the camera shot !

To visit this Linden Lab attraction here is the link: Leviathan Skeleton

Have a great adventure !

Blake Sea/LL “Community”ties

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