Someday Sailing is Today

Second Life sailing often takes me off the “beaten path”, just North of the Blake Sea passage is a quaint and artsy port. This is one of the first places that inspired me to become a “blogger”, quaint places that are mostly hidden treasures for the SL Sailing community. I wanted to share the different adventures that make impressions or memories for us in SL.

The port of Someday boasts of a quaint outdoor cafe, combined with an artsy club, back to back. You will absolutely enjoy the artsy contribution to the Blake Sea. I have hidden most of the artsy part in these pictures for you to discover, but they are definitely eye-catching and fun to spot on the seas.


When coming in from the East side you will first see the artsy decor, but turn the corner, moor up and enjoy exploring the public areas. There is also a free passage past the quaint cafe, and houses which bring you further towards the Leviathan skeleton, the Baia islands, Fiji airport and other open areas North in the sailing community. If you haven’t stopped here while passing by before, take a time out for a relaxing coffee, dance and chat or just watch the boats pass by.  (the return time when mooring is 45 minutes) The topless sailors group sometimes sets sail or passes by here, keep your eyes open!


Today I got to chat with the owner  (Petra Rosen)  a little bit, she could tell me that the area started as an artistic expression and a home for the people that live there, she also keeps the idea of  her vision for an ever evolving area for people to enjoy the different activities connected to Someday. There are currently parties on the docks, evolving artwork and a sailing school starting up.  Someday is not your typical sailors’ port, it has a younger feel to it, and under Petra’s “watchful eye” this will certainly continue.


To visit Someday today, here’s the link: S O M E D A Y.

Kess Crystal, has written this about SOMEDAY in her blog: the glamour sauce.

Have a great adventure!








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