Familiar ports – Havna sailing region

Today, I sailed East on the Blake sea, to a unique area, maybe it’s because I’ve been here before or maybe for some other reason. Anyway its like Scandinavia, I’ve noticed that there seems to be quite a number of “vikings” on the Linden Seas, either through heritage or desire. Whatever the reason, they certainly give an interesting contribution to our SL.

There are some places you visit that give you a sense of a familiarity, somewhere you might have been before or it reminds you of a feeling you’ve had before. Have I been here before ? Whether you have or haven’t it’s just there. Havna gives this feeling, it gives the essence of “welcome”.

Havna 1_001

When turning into the harbor you get a feel of some of the different aspects of this community. The center area or the main “town” boasts a mooring area which lets you moor and wander around without returning your ride, so hop off, go in land and enjoy the scenery, activities, shopping or a live performance.  Havna has 4 sims in their region so far, and have managed to keep a common thread yet be a world of discoveries. From their town center/stage area, lookout point, airport to their dock area, there are lots of places to enjoy and discover. The sims are photographer friendly too, join the group and you can rezz pose props in the photogenic areas and take your time!

Havna 4_001_001

If you happened to come here by magical tp, there are boat and kayak rezzers in the main harbor so you can enjoy the sailing atmosphere between the islands and different sims, and with direct connection to the Blake Sea (a great way to learn sailing!).  Havna has some private islands and apartment style housing, just in case you fall in love with the place and never want to leave!

Havna 5_001

The Havna team of Ingmar, Betty and Melissa are up for a chat and have lots of ideas for things to come in this cozy but classy area. I just happened to get a sneak peak into their newest attraction for Havna Sailors, an underwater spa, hidden away for you to discover and relax and enjoy. Here’s a sneak peek !

Havna Spa 2_001

Havna is a treat to visit and there are so many activities going on weekly that you can get the community feeling. Definitely a familiar port to visit again and again.

To visit Havna Town square/stage area  Havna Stage. You can take a peek and keep updated on the activites on their facebook page too Havna Town Facebook

Enjoy !


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