Choosing your boat in Second Life

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Looking into which boat is “best” in second life can be a daunting task, everyone has an opinion and we all know about those. Knowing what I feel is important in enjoying my boats isn’t the same as what you may enjoy in your boats. So I did some research about what is best to look for when boat hunting, I’m certainly not an expert but I did come across some really good blogs describing lots of nice to know stuff for enjoying “your” boating. I’m going to “shamelessly” share some of this info and of course give credit and link these for you.

What most people look for when buying a boat in Second Life, is a bit different than RL of course. Well some of it is and some of it isn’t but SL gives some extra challenges, such as sim crossings and scripts, but the good news is the days of attaching a boat/vehicle to your bottom and wading through the Blake sea with your friends are over (if anyone dares to remember).

The first thing you probably consider is if the boat looks great to you, one you’ll enjoy going out sailing (or motor boating) in. You should probably first think about if it’s the right size boat for you, in terms of boat size, prims, and how many passengers you may want to have with you are all important to consider.  There are smaller boats for “day trips”, lighter boats for racing and fully equipped boats for that long trip feeling, or even boats you can live on fully furnished with everything! An endless array of combinations just between these factors.

The number of prims a boat actually has, does play a factor in both enjoying the view of your boat at your dock and crossing sims. Remember you are bringing an object with you from sim to sim. The newer boats in Second Life are quite conservative in their prim count, but this varies depending on all of the factors above, be sure to try a demo and see how the boat handles over those sim crossings.

The experience of sailing in SL is dependent on lots of technical things; some of them being the wind and the waves and the heeling of the boat, all of the wonderful things about sailing!


The winds in Second Life have been captured through the use of the wind engines (BOSS3, BWIND, SLSF,WWC and more) , letting you to change direction and speed of the wind, helping “new” sailors to keep up their momentum.  You will want to know which type of wind system your boat is using and try a demo on how it works. As far as heeling, all boats have different sensitivities and solutions to heeling and hiking, some are more sensitive than others, giving the skipper a real challenge to stay at the perfect angle and on course. Allowing for more than one person on board is a big advantage in keeping the boat steady. (Don’t rock the boat, just popped into my head.)

Some newer boats have a automatic system to keep your boat at optimal sailing conditions while enjoying the wind and waves and essence of the sea and most of all relaxing with the wonderful people you have invited to join you on your sailing adventure, its called Autopilot. You might want to give that a try on your list of things to demo, depending on how avid a SL sailor you want to be. Some take sailing very seriously and would never use autopilot, while others enjoy being able to chat and relax while catching the sites of the sailing sims.

Likewise some boats are considered racing class and they work with one of the wind “engines”, including being sensitive to shifting winds. The Race Director sets the winds for the course and these will change during the race, according to what the race director has set.  The racing mode sets the winds onto your boat (so all racers have the same winds, making everything equal so the race results rely on skill) and sends a message to the Race Director about any changes.

You should also consider whether you want to be able to give the helm over to one of your passengers or even let others use your boat when you don’t have the time, these are also options on different boat types.

Last but not least; customization abilities! Letting you make your boat unique and customize your style with different paint job textures and sail decor can be a big plus. Your favorite color and decor gives you a great way to express yourself.  You can even give your boat the perfect name! We would of course do this in RL too wouldn’t we ?

I’ve included some really comprehensive blog links for you to get more technical details, and my advice is demo!

I hope you take the time to find out what is best for you and see you soon sailing around in your new favorite !

Ahoy !


Thank you to Macz Murfin for taking the time to be “interviewed” and the laughs !

Please check out these blogs for lots more info;

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