Enjoying the moment

Enjoying the moments on Second Life, in a boat or at the beautiful locations around this world is what keeps us returning, either to SL or to our favorite places. To be able to relax in beautiful surrounding with our friends and enjoy some relaxing is something we should all take the time to indulge in.

Most of my time is spent doing “something” on SL, between DJ’ng and creating I am usually “busy”, but sometimes its a pleasure to simply relax, today was one of those times where I got time to relax and look around. Usually we spend our time being entertained by others at busy clubs or watching the many talented performers, sometimes though its worth taking the time to “smell the roses” or the sea air.

Havna Town and Fairground_001

Havna has recently redesigned the public areas on their sailing sims (located on the Blake Sea). Some people think these places are for sailors only, but really why wouldn’t we all want to share the experience of beautiful places, boats passing by, ferris wheels and a cozy cafe? Personally, I think its great that the “sailing sims” are both wonderfully decorated and open to the public !  A quiet wander around either exploring on your own, or with friends usually brings some unexpected surprises.

The many places that are open to the public to enjoy both during the holiday seasons and for every day exploring is like a gift given for us to enjoy. Let’s enjoy them!

Havna has rezz zones for boats, kayak’s for those who are adventurous to try out the waters for their first time or just to relax and explore the sims of the Blake Sea. The public areas include a cafe, the amusement park, a seaside pool, airport facilities and the town square for events and hanging out.  I may not be an expert but I do know the feel of the place is friendly and open to visitors, whether it be for a casual chat or to make new friends.

Havna Nov_001

If you want to come over, spend some relaxing time exploring, having a chat with the owners (Betty, Melissa or Kungen) or explore the Blake Sea, Havna is a lovely place to start your adventure.

Havna Town

Enjoy !


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