Meet the Crabby Mariner


OK. My first “rant” on here concerns boat return times – you know – the time it takes from when you disembark to when your craft disappears and is returned to your inventory.

In 2008 Linden Labs and groups of sailing enthusiasts got together to create a realistic environment for Second Life sailing enthusiasts. That environment is what we now know as the Blake Sea, and the rules and guidelines on what can and can’t be done by property owners in this area have made it the wonderful and realistic experience it now is. It is, indeed, because of this realism that a day on “the Blake”, sailing into different harbors and exploring new areas is one of the joys of Second Life.

The realism, however, can be curtailed when the craft you skilfully and painstakingly navigated, sometimes across a long distance, disappears in a puff of nothing soon after you disembark. Then, rather than sipping a cocktail proudly admiring your craft, and planning the next leg of your voyage, you have to find somewhere you know you can relaunch, or even go back home and start again.

Ok – I am Crabby by name and crabby by nature – but I do believe that short object return times significantly detract from the realism of the sailing experience, and that landowners should be encouraged to match them to the time they would like or expect visitors to spend there.

We recently visited a location where our boat disappeared straight away after we disembarked, and so we too left soon afterwards. Hardly good for traffic numbers you say? Well this landowner had that covered – he had a whole bunch of bots in place to cover that!

– CM

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